Warbits 1.2 Update Brings More Missions for Less Money (For Now)

By Nick Tylwalk |


We really liked Warbits when it first came into our lives last year, so when the folks at Risky Lab hit us up about an update, we were naturally all ears. Virtually speaking, of course, which fits in nicely with the game’s theme of virtual warfare.

In any case, the highlight of update 1.2 is the new challenge mode, which presents 30 additional missions: 10 Skirmish Missions, 10 Puzzle Missions and 10 Veteran Missions.

And speaking of 10, Warbits now has iOS 10 iMessage invite support so that players can take on their friends in custom matches. Other tweaks include:

  • HQ capture defeat state now requires that all your HQs be captured (in the event you have more than 1).
  • Minor AI tweaks. 
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Perhaps the most exciting part if that if you haven’t played Warbits yet, all this new stuff can be yours for a lot less dough, but only if you act now. Risky Lab has dropped the price to 99 cents for a limited time, but it’s going up to $4.99 after that.

You know what that means: you need to get yourself to the App Store pronto to take advantage of the price drop or hear us go on and on about the new missions and how good they (probably) are. It’s up to you.

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