Vive La Humble Mobile Bundle Celebrates Some of France’s Finest

Only three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and the Humble Bundle offering tons of amazing games at ridiculously low prices. The newest bundle released this week gathers up a variety of Android titles that may seem unrelated at first glance but which share a country of origin. With games from developers and publishers Playdigious, DotEmu, Mi-Clos, Accidental Queens, and Goblinz Studio, Humble is celebrating all things France by sharing a number of its fantastic mobile exports.

The $1 tier of the Vive La Humble Mobile Bundle offers a massive bang for a literal buck. Players can snag fast-paced platformer Mechanic Escape which pits your robotic hero’s jumping and wall-climbing skills against an endless series of—often electrified—obstacles and pursuing bosses. Pang Adventures is an arcade dodger with a bit of Arkanoid and bubble shooter mixed in, resulting in a colorfully frantic high scorer. unWorded is an interactive narrative adventure that uses letters as pieces of its many puzzles, ranging from turning a “V” and “M” into the coils of a light bulb to watering a plant with an alphabet shower.

OK Golf Gameplay 2

The “beat the average” tier adds three more games to those mentioned above. Out There: Ω Edition combines intergalactic exploration and resource management with a gorgeous comic book art and story style. Sanitarium brings the haunting isometric point-and-click adventure from 1998 to mobile, placing players in the role of an amnesiac who awakens from a car crash in a bizarre and disturbing reality. For a break from the heavier narrative experiences, OK Golf rounds out this tier, offering straightforward 3D courses with fairly low pars reminiscent of mini-golf.

The final tier of the Vive La Bundle can be purchased for $5 or more and contains all six games already discussed as well as three more. Gobliiins Trilogy contains all three entries from the classic point-and-click series of the early ’90s, with mobile-specific adjustments made for modern players. A Normal Lost Phone presents an interactive mystery that you’ll unravel by exploring the contacts and files within the abandoned smart phone of its missing main character. Dungeon Rushers combines dungeon crawling and turn-based RPG gameplay into a humorous adventure packed with characters to recruit and treasure to loot.

Considering Dungeon Rushers alone is $4.99 on Google Play, you can get nine fantastic games for the price of one anytime in the next two weeks. The Vive La Humble Mobile Bundle is available now until September 18th.

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