Traption Bakery Goes Free for the First Time Ever

By Jim Squires |


Get ready for a weird one, folks. Traption Bakery is a beautifully drawn, interactive diagram of something akin to a Rube Goldberg machine. Its intended purpose is to bake bread. If you’re really determined, you might find out if it does or not — and you’ll have a marvelous time poking and prodding every corner of this drawing in the process.

While it’s probably unfair to call it a “sleeper hit,” Traption Bakery went under the radar here at Gamezebo until we saw a tweet from a member of SpryFox (Bushido Bear, Road Not Taken) saying it’s something you should be playing. And now that it’s free, you can find out why for yourself.

It has a seriously great art style, and it’s a fun thing to poke around it. The developer’s call it a “curio” rather than a game, and we’re inclined to agree. It’s curious, and in all the right ways.

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