TODAY ONLY: Save 30% on Jewel Quest: Seven Seas


If you like match-3 games, few experiences were as refreshing in 2016 as Jewel Quest: Seven Seas. The latest game in the franchise offered up plenty of gem-busting action, and it managed to act as a tonic for those of us who’ve grown tired of the free-to-play formulas that have taken over the genre. Having said that, if you only know the genre from its free-to-play incarnations, you might be hesitant to spend $10 for anything with the words “match-3” in the description.

But if you act quickly, that doesn’t have to be the case. Today only, you can get the mobile version of Jewel Quest: Seven Seas on the iOS App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store for just $6.99. That’s a 30% savings on one of the best match-3 games of the last year. Even better, the initial download is free, so you can try the game out first to see if it’s right for you. And if it is, be sure to make that in-app purchase quick! The offer is only good on December 9, 2016.

Need some pointers? Check out our Jewel Quest: Seven Seas strategies to make the most of your match-3 adventure.

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