The Sleeping Prince Kills IAP, Goes Free Through December

When Nadia reviewed the highly unique rag doll platformer The Sleeping Prince, she found its approach to in-app purchase monetization to be excessively harsh, and was “spiked with free-to-play trappings galore.” Which is a damn shame, because the actual physics-based gameplay is a lot of fun, and entirely mesmerizing.

It’s reassuring to know that the people who make these games are listening, though. Both publisher Tilting Point and developer Signal Studios evidently cares about delivering a quality, high value product, and is readdressing its IAP approach.


“We wanted you and Nadia to know her criticisms were heard loud and clear around the game’s monetization and they are being addressed,” Tilting Point’s Sam Dalsimer told Gamezebo after the review went live. And it’s begun that process by stripping out all in-app purchasing from the iOS and Android versions, and offering the game for free throughout December.

“This is our way of offering a bit of a holiday gift to players and giving everyone a chance to experience the full game with no restrictions,” Sam continues.


The Sleeping Prince takes you on a bizarre journey as you use magic to fling the unconscious king-to-be about the screen. It’s a very unusual take on rag doll physics, and new it’s been unshackled from a failed IAP experiment you can soak up the entertainment it was always meant to deliver.

So head on over to iTunes or Google Play and pick up the Sleeping Prince now. It’s a limited time free offer, and the game will be changing into a premium title at the beginning of next year, so get off your back and go grab it.

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