Take a Quest on Android with Humble Mobile Bundle RPGs

Let’s do some role-playing. Wait … what do you mean that’s too forward? I was only referring to the current Humble Mobile Bundle, which features great RPGs for your Android device of choice.

As with any Humble Bundle, you choose what you want to pay, but if you’re willing to pony up some more dough, you get more in return. In this case, paying as little as $1 gets you the Japanese RPG Symphony of Eternity, a great parody of pen and paper RPGs called Doom & Destiny, and Evoland, which takes you on a journey through the genre itself.

Paying more than the average amount (currently $5.80) and you get more games thrown into the mix. We’re talking Wayward Souls, the turn-based goodness of Shadowrun Returns and an RPG with a heaping side order of sim management in Adventure Bar Story. Plus more games will be added during the second week of the deal.

There’s a heavy hitter waiting if you decide to pay $6 or more. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is considered one of the best RPGs of all time by many, to say nothing of its lofty status among video games set in that galaxy far, far away. You’ll also unlock Shadowrun : Dragonfall – Director’s Cut, giving you twice the Shadowrun for one price.

Whether you prefer classics or newer fare and fantasy or sci-fi, the Humble Mobile Bundle RPGs offer something to suit almost any taste. As always, the games you get are DRM-free, and some of the proceeds go to a charity you can pick out yourself. On top of all that, you’ll receive a 10 percent off coupon for one month of Humble Monthly if you’re a new subscriber.

That’s a whole lot of RPG for not a lot of money. Time to start clearing out some space in your memory now for these games. Oh, and the link would probably be nice: you can get in on the Humble Mobile Bundle RPGs right here.

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