Storm Casters is now $0.99, GO BUY THIS GAME

By Jim Squires |

Get Set Games’ Storm Casters is hands-down one of our favorite iOS games of 2014 so far. It’s clever mix of dungeon-diving, twin-stick shooting, and card-collecting that really struck all the right notes with us.

But who cares what we think? You didn’t buy it regardless of our glowing Storm Casters review. Or at least not enough of you did. Due to poor sales, Get Set Game hass had to reduce its staff from 11 brilliant game makers to just 6.

That really sucks.

Want to make it up to them? You can get their game (originally priced at $1.99, but more recently priced at $4.99) for just 99 cents right now.

And you should, because seriously – it’s great.

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