Starseed: Origin is Free Right Now

By Jim Squires |

If you’re a gamer with a love for space shooters and you somehow haven’t picked up Starseed: Origin yet, now is the time to do so. The game offers a great retro vibe, comfortable controls, and plenty of challenge — and at the moment, it’s absolutely free.

Each stage in Starseed: Origin goes through a few different phases, from your standard vertically scrolling attack to bombing runs against giant space stations (or “dreadnoughts” as Starseed calls them). Your ship will evolve as you complete levels, taking on new shapes and weapon types in the process.

FULL DISCLAIMER: Since first reporting on Starseed: Origin in Spring 2015, I’ve become pretty good friends with its creator, Shane McCafferty. This friendship hasn’t in any way influenced today’s post — it’s just a really good deal on a really good game. And if you want to fact-check our friendship a little closer, be sure to listen to The Elephant & the Irishman, a mobile games podcast that I co-host with Shane every week. 😉

But enough about me! Go play this game!

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