Soviet Puzzle Racer ‘Kapsula’ Is Now Free Forever

If you’re growing tired of the matching puzzle genre, I don’t blame you — but I’d also argue that you’re probably playing the wrong games. There are plenty of fresh and unique things you can do by matching colors, and Beavl Games’ Kapsula is living proof.

It’s a game of breakneck speeds, dodging traffic, and crashing like-colored cars into one another.

Until now, getting behind the wheel in Kapsula would set curious players back a well-deserved $1.99 — but considering you probably hadn’t heard of it before today, we’re guessing that this wasn’t the most successful strategy for the game. As a result, Beavl has converted Kapsula to a free download powered by optional, occasional video ads that will allow a free continue.

tl;dr – one of 2014’s more original mobile games that you may have missed is now free forever. Go give it a try. Kapsula is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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