Slayin Is Free for the First Time Ever

Game reviews are a funny thing — especially when you’re the editor of a games site.

Sometimes a review comes in that is perfectly valid, but that I also don’t agree with. The review goes live, and while it doesn’t represent my opinion, it reflects the overall opinion of the site (as trusted to the reviewer in question). Slayin is a game that experienced one such review. When it launched in April 2013, it received a middling 3/5 here at Gamezebo, but still managed to eat up an absurd amount of my personal playtime because to me, it was just that pure and addictive of an experience.

If our original review turned you off, let me turn you back on — Slayin is free right now, and it’s well worth a play.

Normally 99 cents, Slayin is a one screen side-scrolling action title that feels like a lost classic from a bygone era. You’ll need to have fast reflexes and an itch for loot collecting. There’s a good variety of classes to try out, and thanks to the 2.0 update, even more than at launch. Grab it for free while you can from the App Store or Google Play.

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