Sentinels of the Multiverse Gets a HUGE Discount, Goes Universal


If you’re a fan of tabletop card games, none are quite as superheroicly satisfying as Sentinels of the Multiverse. Giving players a chance to choose decks designed around a wide variety of heroes, players do battle with villains and generally save the day in a manner that would make the Justice League blush with envy.

The game received a fantastic digital adaptation back in 2014, but there were two things that might have kept it out of your collection: it was a tablet only release, and was a bit of sticker shock for gamers that see mobile as a $3 or less affair. Today, both of these problems have gone away.

sentinels of the multiverse

In conjunction with the game’s appearance at GenCon (a notable board game convention), Sentinels of the Multiverse has been updated as a universal release, meaning you can play it on both phones and tablets now. Even better, until August 11th the game is only $2.99. That’s a seven dollar savings over the usual $9.99. In-game content has been discounted too, with the $24.99 Season One Pass now available for $17.99.

Still skeptical? There’s a free version that will give you a taste of the game, but take our word for it — board gamers and superheroes alike will find Sentinels of the Multiverse to be $2.99 well spent this week.

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