Secret of Mana Is on Sale, Coming to Android

Hate the crazy high prices that Square Enix tries to shake out of your virtual pockets? Then you’re in luck – until August 10th, you can get the iOS port of the SNES action-RPG classic Secret of Mana for just $3.99. That’s a pretty great price cut from its usual $8.99.


Our Secret of Mana review from way back in 2010 speaks volumes about why it’s worth the price:

Unlike so many classic games that have been ported to the iPhone, Secret of Mana doesn’t feel like it’s only going to be enjoyed by gamers who grew up playing it. It’s fun, it’s deep, and it looks great even after all this time.

Don’t have an iOS device? Don’t worry – you’ll soon be able to solve Secret of Mana on Android devices. Square Enix has confirmed that it will be headed to Google Play this Fall.

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