Save 20% on iOS Game Design Course, Launching Today

By Jim Squires |

Have you ever wanted to make an iOS game, but have zero experience in game design? As most any mobile games journalist will tell you, this is a sentiment that we echo personally.

But maybe, just maybe, there’s a way to fix that.

Starting today, is launching a brand new “Learn to Make an Indie Game in 31 Days” course. Focused on developing iPhone games with Sprite Kit, Gamezebo readers can save $20 on the regular $99 price tag, coming in at a cool $79. The course includes 20 daily lessons, three weekend challenges, and a final app competition.

The course starts today, but we’ve been told that thanks to its video-based nature and student forums, you can start it at any time. We’ve also been told that this class was taught in-person previously to a crowd with zero experience, and those students had no trouble following along. So don’t worry, design luddites – this might just be the course for us.

Check the course out, and save 20%, by using this link provided for Gamezebo’s readers.

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