Poco Eco Goes Free for the First Time

By Jim Squires |


Ready for one of the coolest musical adventures you’ll find in mobile gaming? Adventures of Poco Eco – Lost Sounds is an all-time favorite around the Gamezebo offices, and with good reason. Simple, calming — practically zen like — Poco Eco is what living inside an album must feel like.

The game features an original soundtrack by iamyank (that auto-plays in our review, because SCIENCE!), fantastic visuals, and delightful interactive elements. We can’t sing its praises loudly enough.

And if the only thing standing between you and playing it was the price tag, you can pick it up right now for free on the App Store.

The Google Play version isn’t free for some reason, but they do have a demo that might convince you to spend the $2.99 anyway. And if love spending time at the corner of entertainment where games and music intersect, you owe it to yourself to give Adventures of Poco Eco a play.

There’s no word on the reason for the sale, or how long it will last, so be sure to grab it while you still can.

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