Piloteer is Apple’s Free Game This Week (and You’ll Curse Them For It!)

By Jim Squires |

Piloteer manages to achieve an impossible mix; it’s fantastic, but it’s also phone-throwingly frustrating. I once described it as “about as serene as a bag of hammers in a washing machine.” I stand by that assessment.

Having said that… isn’t putting a bag of hammers in a washing machine kinda fun? So long as it’s not your washing machine, of course.


If you gave it a pass during its original release last summer, you can get in on Whitaker Trebella’s QWOP-like jetpacking fun right for for a big round $0. Piloteer is Apple’s current selection for free app of the week, which should save you the $1.99 you’d normally have spent.

And if you like Piloteer, why not put that saved cash towards another game? Trebella’s first two titles, Pivvot and Polymer, are equally worth a purchase.

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