Odd Bot Out on Android is Free Today on Amazon

If you’re looking for a charming, quirky puzzle game that may have flown under your radar when it was first released, Odd Bot Out checks all the right boxes. Players will need to guide a little robot named Odd to the exit in 100 different rooms, manipulating the environment along the way.

And while the puzzling is good, the charm and warmth you’ll find in Odd Bot Out are the games true calling cards. But hey — that doesn’t mean you want to pay for it.


If you’re an Android gamer and you’ve installed the Amazon App Store (and if you haven’t, here’s how), Odd Bot Out is Amazon’s free app of the day today. Normally the game is $1.99, and as you’ll quickly discover if you leave it installed, the Amazon App Store offers great freebies on a pretty regular basis. Unlike the puzzles themselves, this one is a no-brainer. Go pick it up now.

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