New Humble Mobile Bundle Features Tomb Raider, Cloud Chasers

The bundle has attained something of an ominous undertone in our modern society. Everybody wants you to bundle, whether it’s your cable provider or your insurance agent, and it’s not always clear whether the bundle is a good deal or not.

One place that’s never a concern is with the Humble Mobile Bundle, which simply serves up multiple games at a price that’s guaranteed to be great since you pick it yourself. Seriously, if you feel like you’re being overcharged for one of these deals, you need to look in the mirror.

The current Humble Mobile Bundle satisfies your quest for adventure at the base level thanks to Lara Croft and some lesser known titles that nonetheless share her thirst for survival and discovery. By paying as little as $1, you get Tomb Raider I, Tomb Raider II, the space survival game Last Horizon and the unique ode to the importance of water, Cloud Chasers.

Up the amount paid to $5 or more and you get more games. Specifically, you receive the arcade action meets turn-based gameplay of Space Grunts, as well as the outer space wackiness of Cosmonautica. That’s five games for just $5, unless you choose to pay more, of course.

{Activates infomercial voice.}

But wait, there’s more!

{Drops infomercial voice, knowing it was terrible.}

Anyone who pays more than the average amount given also gets at least two more games, including Always Sometimes Monsters and Shooting Stars!. That latter one has laser kitties, which could very well be all you need to know about it.

As with all Humble Mobile Bundle deals, you can tailor the charity donation part of your payment as you like. But you need to get on it, because the deal will only be around for a limited time.

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