Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Sees First Price Drop Ever

By Jim Squires |

Monster Hunter is a big brand, and when it came to iOS last year, it was a big game. Originally released on the PSP back in 2008, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite arrived on the App Store last year without missing a beat, delivering the full experience Monster Hunter gamers remembered — though with a premium price to match.

Today, for the first time since its July 2014 release, that premium price has gotten a little smaller. You can grab Monster Hunter Freedom Unite from the App Store for $9.99 right now; that’s a $5 savings from its usual $14.99 cost.

If you’re humming and hawing about picking this one up, just know that you’re on a timer: the price goes back up to $14.99 after April 11th.

If you’re looking for something to play after your 3DS battery burns out from endless bouts of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, this seems like a deal that’s worth getting in on. You can grab it at this discounted price from the App Store now.

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