Magic Flute, an App Store-featured New Release, Is Free Right Now

By Lian Amaris |

If you are looking for a challenging puzzler with a great story but a low price tag, look no further! Magic Flute, based on Mozart’s opera of the same name, is free to download (with no in-app purchases) from now until Thursday, October 1, 11:59PM GMT.

For the startling price of absolutely nothing, you’re going to get over 30 levels of artfully designed puzzles with loads of replay value, powerful music, clever mechanics and an engaging British narrator to boot. Swipe to lead our hero Tamino through each level by moving modular environmental components like tiles, blocks, crates and lifts while avoiding a fierce snake, crumbling blocks, and boulders. The puzzles do get a bit intense but if you’re in need of assistance, our gameplay guide will help you on your heroic journey. And don’t worry if you’re not into opera; the puzzles are just as strong with the sound off.

The game launched just five days ago and normally costs $1.99, so it’s pretty incredible that it’s free. They’re doing this in celebration of the 224th anniversary of Magic Flute’s debut (the opera, not the game). We assure you it’s worth your time, but if you’re not yet convinced about the download, check out our full review.

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