Kemco RPGs Fill up Latest Humble Mobile Bundle

As a rule of thumb we don’t cover Kemco RPGs here at Gamezebo. Not because their bad, or because of some silly behind-the-scenes politics, but because they’re gigantic and seem to come out weekly. Covering Kemco properly would be a full time job. Just ask Touch Arcade’s Shaun Musgrave.

If you’ve avoided playing them for the same reason, we won’t blame you — but the latest Humble Mobile Bundle seems like a good place to start if you want to dip your toe in the Kemco water.

Pay What You Want:

  • Symphony of the Origin
  • Escape of Illusion
  • Even of the Genesis HD

Beat the Average:

  • Silver Nornir
  • Fortuna Magus
  • Legend of Ixtona

As always, the Humble Mobile Bundle is for Android users only (sorry iOS!). One more game will be revealed next week, and other content will be unlocked as they reach certain milestones.

You can jump in and grab the Humble Kemco Mobile Bundle today at

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