Humble Mobile Bundle ‘Puzzles – Critical Hits’ is All Good Stuff


Humble Mobile Bundle never saddles you with crappy games. That’s just not what the whole concept is about. Yet with its latest offering, Humble Bundle Puzzles – Critical Hits, the idea is that it’s only the good stuff, as certified by review sites like the one you’re reading right now.

Okay, and other sites besides Gamezebo too, though there is some GZ love in the pull quotes for the games featured in the latest Humble Mobile Bundle. You probably get it by now, but just in case, these are puzzle games that received very good reviews when originally launched.

The first tier, all yours on Android for a payment of $1 or more, consists of klocki, Hook and Zenge. Up the ante a bit to $5 or more and you get three additional games: Mini Metro (5/5 from us), Human Resource Machine and Deus Ex GO.

That’s not the end, though, as anyone choosing to pay more than the average, which is $5.16 as of the time of this article, also receives A Good Snowman is Hard to Build, Concrete Jungle and Slayaway Camp, a trio that averaged 4.83 stars out of five here on Gamezebo.

It’s tough to get any better than that. As always, Humble Mobile Bundle donates part of your purchase price to charity, and you can even select where you’d like your donation to go. Plus just for entering your email address into the form on the Critical Hits page, you get the soundtracks to Human Resource Machine and Slayaway Camp for free, bonus content for the latter game, wallpapers and more.

We can’t guarantee you’ll love these games, but we’re confident in saying there’s an above average chance. Just be sure to take advantage of the offer before 11 a.m. Pacific time on August 14, when this Humble Mobile Bundle becomes the stuff of legend. Maybe.

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