Humble Mobile Bundle: HeroCraft Brings the Strategy (and More)

HeroCraft is probably best known for its strategy games, but the truth is that the studio has released a little something for gamers of all genre preferences over the years. Now you can get a sampling of how true that is with the latest Humble Mobile Bundle, which can bring all kinds of goodies to your Android device of choice for a low price while doing some good in the process.

It starts with just $1, which unlocks three games: Dead Shell: Roguelike RPG, the one-touch pixel skiing game Avalanche, and Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim. That last one actually is a strategy game, so we’re staying on brand here.

For $5 or more, you get a whole bunch more games. Specifically, your payment will unlock Tempest: Pirate Action RPG, Majesty Northern Expansion, the platformer Space Expedition, Strategy & Tactics: Medieval Wars and perhaps most exciting of all, The Tiny Bang Story. Variety? We’d say so. Oha, and we almost forgot Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers.

Paying more than the average, which is $6.23 at the time of this post, gets you three more games on top of those. We’re talking about the RPG/strategy hybrid King of Dragon Pass, the probably self-explanatory Tap Tap Builder and tower defense classic Defense Zone 2 HD. We’re still not quite done, because a payment of $10 or more also gets you a promo code for 20 Booster Packs in Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf, and we all enjoy some Space Marine upgrades now and again.

HeroCraft is even throwing in some bonuses at various payment levels in the form of soundtracks to some of the featured games. And as always, part of your Humble Mobile Bundle purchase will go to charity, either SpecialEffect or one of your own choosing.

So yes, definitely dust off those strategic muscles for this month, but make sure you have your reflexes limbered up as well. This bundle is going to test both of those things and more.

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