Humble Mobile Bundle: Halloween Brings Treats, Not Tricks

Admit it: you’re all candied out. Halloween can do that to people pretty easily. Still, you might not be rid of the overall spirit of tricks and treats, and that’s where Humble Mobile Bundle can help.

The current and aptly named Humble Mobile Bundle: Halloween runs through November 13, extending the season well past the traditional October 31 date, and gives you the chance to play a whole bunch of spooky games for far less money than you spent on your costume.

Allow us to break it down for you:

  • For just $1, you get DISTRAINT, a 2D pixelated dose of psychological horror, the point and click terror of Sanitarium and the turn-based zombie survival fun of Dead Age.
  • Paying more than the average (currently $4.63) gets you those first three games plus the dystopian future tale of Beholder, an attempt to hold back the darkness in Bulb Boy and the bizarre but gripping stylings of Rusty Lake Hotel.
  • Last but certainly not least, choosing to pay more than $5 gets you the story-driven horror of Fran Bow and the chilling puzzles of Whispering Willows.

Good thing that’s it, because we’re almost out of different ways to say scary.

But that’s not quite it, as Humble Mobile Bundle: Halloween also throws in a subscription discount for Humble Monthly for all buyers and the Bulb Boy soundtrack as a bonus for the $5 and up crowd. As always, part of your purchase goes to charity; either SpecialEffect or one of your own choosing, and you get all the games in the bundle in delicious (and zero calorie) DRM-free form.

So yeah, candy is great, but a bunch of terrifying games for just a few bucks is even better, and we won’t dispute this. Head on over to the Humble Bundle site and see for yourself before this Halloween season is just a memory.

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