Humble Mobile Bundle Gets Strategic with Guild of Dungeoneering and More

Humble Bundles are one of the gaming world’s best secrets, though hopefully, they won’t stay secret for long. The mighty Humble Mobile Bundle gives you the opportunity to pay a price you believe is fair (minimum a dollar) in order to unlock a killer bunch of mobile games for Android.

MechCom 2 Gameplay
Establish bases and design mechs that will help you crush your enemies in MechCom 2 by Game Dev Team.

Bundle deals are still a relative rarity for Android, so whenever there’s an opportunity to grab such a surprise bag it’s usually worth a look at the very least — but Humble Bundles are unique in that they allow you to make a difference while having a blast. Proceeds from the pay-what-you-can are divided between developers and great charities like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play. If neither of those groups float your boat, it’s also possible to allocate the funds to a charity of your choice from a list of more than thousands.

The latest Humble Bundle is chalk full of strategy game goodness. Pay the incredible price of $1 you’ll land yourself copies of Epic War TD 2, MechCom 1, MechCom 2 and Age of Civilizations as well as a $5 in-app purchase credit for use in the free-to-play Battle for the Galaxy.

For $3 or more you get all of the above as well as Anomaly Defenders, Anomaly 2, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Kingdom Rush Origins and Hero Generations. With the seriously underrated Hero Generations alone going for $4.99 on Google Play, it’s really impossible to overstate how incredible a deal this really is.

If you’re a ‘big spender’ paying $5 or more will give you access to all 10 of the above games, you’ll also unlock true gems Guild of Dungeoneering and Worms 4. For less than lunch pretty well anywhere anymore, you can have $47 worth of solid mobile games and weeks of entertainment at your fingertips.

Guild of Dungeoneering
Battle your way through complex dungeons in the Guild of Dungeoneering.

As with all Humble Bundles the offer is time-limited, so if you want to get in on the action (well the strategy) you’re going to have to act fast. The current Humble Mobile Bundle is only available until Sunday, March 26.

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