Humble Mobile Bundle 21 Brings Together Some of Android’s Finest

The Humble Bundle usually shoots for a shared theme or developer with its featured games, but this week’s Mobile Bundle is really just a random assortment of greatness. We’re certainly not complaining: for less than the price of a latte you can snag one of our favorite solitaire games of last year, the wonderful robot-puzzler follow-up from the developer of rymdkapsel, a gorgeous Monument Valley-esque adventure, and plenty more.

As with all of Humble’s Bundles, the seven starting games are sure to be joined by others as the sale progresses, but right now you can unlock the following on Android:

Pay $1 or more:

Beat the average:

Pay $6 or more:

Mobile Bundle 21 will be available for purchase for the next two weeks, but the cheapest time to buy—and still get any games added down the road—is always now.

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