Humble Mobile Bundle 11 Adds Two More Android Games

If you’re a regular reader of Gamezebo, there’s a good chance you’ve picked up the Humble Mobile Bundle 11 already. Assuming that’s the case, good news! There are now two more games waiting for you to download.

Oh My Giraffe and Skullpogo are now part of the package, bringing the grand total of games in the bundle to a whopping eight. That’s a pretty stellar deal for a single “beat the average” price, especially considering 80 Days and Kingdom Rush Origins are in there too.

If you don’t know Oh My Giraffe yet, you really need to check out the lonniedos video above. It will be four minutes of your day incredibly well spent. If you do know Oh My Giraffe, or just want me to stop typing so you can buy this thing already, Humble Mobile Bundle 11 is available at

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