Hey Tower Defense Fanatics: Cursed Treasure 2 Is Free Right Now

By Jim Squires |

2014 was a great year for tower defense – and if case you missed it, Cursed Treasure 2 was one of the best. In my humble opinion, it was second only to Kingdom Rush Origins in 2014.

Did you miss Cursed Treasure 2 the first time around? Shame on you! But don’t worry, sometimes waiting pays off. For a limited time, Armor Games has dropped the price of Cursed Treasure 2 as low as they can go without actually handing you money.

That’s right: Cursed Treasure 2 is now free.

If you need some additional convincing, be sure to check out our review from last September. If not… get downloading already! This is a great tower defense game with plenty of challenge. A perfect fit for veterans of the genre.

Cursed Treasure 2 is now free on the App Store.

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