Have the 10th Doctor’s 3D Glasses in Doctor Who: Legacy on us

It’s Doctor Who Day! With the 12th Doctor (or 13th depending on how you count) set to make his debut on the BBC today, Gamezebo is celebrating by giving away one of the most oft-desired costumes in Doctor Who: Legacy…

The 10th Doctor’s 3D glasses!


Made famous by David Tennant in the season 2 finale ‘Doomsday,’  you can have your very own in-game pair by redeeming the following promo code in the Doctor Who: Legacy options menu: 6238-9788-2833-6933

If you haven’t unlocked the 10th Doctor yet, don’t worry – this code will do that too! The code will work for the first 1 million redemptions, which may sound like a lot – but hey – us Whovians are legion.

And don’t forget to enter our giveaway for a mega pack of Doctor Who: Legacy Season 7 content.

Enjoy the game, enjoy the glasses, and go enjoy the first episode of Series 8 you lucky (sea) devils!

You can play Doctor Who: Legacy on iOSAndroidFacebook and Kindle.

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