Get Zip-Zap While it’s Free

By Nick Tylwalk |


Sometimes we just see things happen and we don’t ask questions. Or at least we ask them to ourselves and don’t answer them, because responding to your own questions gets people looking at you funny. In any case, Zip-Zap going free in the iOS App Store is one of those situations.

Is this puzzle game, which we liked a lot when it first came out last fall, free to celebrate a new update? That’s certainly possible, though its most recent update came last week. Not to mention that said update simply added support for simplified and traditional Chinese.

Maybe developer Philipp Stollenmayer is just feeling especially generous for some reason. We’re not sure. What we can tell you is that Zip-Zap is definitely free to download in the App Store, and since we don’t know how long that state of affairs will last, this is a good time to grab it.

Zip-Zap features mechanical objects that remind one of the long arms found in Erector sets (kids, ask your parents about those if that reference is too dated). Each level has a different goal you need to achieve by expanding and contracting these objects, making for a varied series of challenges as you play through the game, all presented in a clean, minimalist style.

We recommended it when it cost money and definitely do for no money. And if you find out why it’s free for now, maybe let us know so we can stop muttering to ourselves, eh? Appreciate that.

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