Get Your Hidden Object Fix with the Artifex Mundi Humble Bundle

Running low on hidden object games to play? Curious about HOG artisans Artifex Mundi, but hesitant to shell out $6.99 for one of their games? Then you’re in luck; Humble Bundle’s most recent collection is made up entirely of Artifex Mundi hidden object puzzle adventures (HOPAs). It features a whopping eight Artifex Mundi titles currently available for only $5, with more to be added as the sale progresses. The best part of this deal (besides everything we just typed), is that it’s a PC and mobile bundle: this means you’ll get Steam and Android copies of every game, netting you essentially sixteen games for the price of less than one.

Artifex Mundi is no stranger to the Humble game: they were a featured mobile bundle just over a year ago as well. And yet their catalogue is so prolific that even if you bought last year’s bundle you’ll find no duplicates here.

Pay $1 or more:

Beat the average:

Pay $5 or more:

Beef up your HOPA collection by snagging the Artifex Mundi bundle within the next two weeks.

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