Get Sunburn! While it’s $0.99

By Jim Squires |

You know what’s a great combination? Discovering a hidden gem and a great sale. If you download Sunburn! right now, you can cross both of those off your bucket list.

Normally $2.99, developer Secret Crush has dropped their price of their debut release to $0.99 for a limited time. Sunburn! tells the tale of a stranded astronaut who doesn’t want to die alone, so he jetpacks across the universe in search of his missing crew so that they can all be together again…

…when he flings them all into the sun.

With plenty of personality and great gameplay, Sunburn! isn’t a game to miss. You can find out why in our Sunburn! review from last fall, or just skip straight to the App Store to grab it while it’s available for a discounted price.

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