Get Monument Valley Free on Android Today, Forgotten Shores an Amazon Exclusive

Before I set out to type this, I grabbed my Nexus 7 and quickly booted up the Amazon App Store. Why? Because even though I already own (and love) the game on iOS, this was just too good an opportunity to pass up. Today’s Amazon Free App of the Day is ustwo’s critically acclaimed Monument Valley – and from Amazon’s point of view, there’s a great reason for this deal.

While Monument Valley might be available on both Google Play and Amazon, the recently released expansion Forgotten Shores will be an Amazon App Store exclusive when it launches on Android tomorrow. Offering an additional 8 chapters for $1.99, Forgotten Shores might be the best bit of DLC we’ve played all year.

monument valley forgotten shores android
If you want to play Forgotten Shores on Android, you’ll be buying it from Amazon

If you already own Monument Valley from a Google Play purchase and were eager for Forgotten Shores, you’re going to want to act quick. The Amazon version of the main game is only free for one day.

Learn how to install the Amazon App Store on your favorite Android device at

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