Get Frozen Synapse While It’s Free (or You’ll Regret It)

By Jim Squires |

Sometimes there are the games that, despite everyone shouting in your face for years that you need to play it, you never quite get around to.

Such is the case for me and Frozen Synapse.

While it received a glowing review here on Gamezebo nearly two years ago, I’ve personally just never found the time to dive into it. When you write about games for a living, you’d be surprised at how many “want to play” titles get replaced by “need to play” titles.

But now, thanks to an incredible price slashing, I’m finally going to get my chance. And so are you. Normally $9.99 on the iPad and $2.99 on the iPhone, Frozen Synapse is available for free starting right now. (Unless you’re an Android owner, where the game is still $2.99.)


So what can Frozen Synapse newbies like you and I expect? According to GZ’s own Jillian Werner, “Everything you want in a portable tactics title, and then about 200% more.”

I’m sold.

If you like what you play and want to give Mode 7 what they’ve earned, good news: their new game Frozen Cortex comes out of Steam Early Access today. GIVE THEM ALL YOUR MONIES! (So long as you also game on a PC, Mac or Linux machine).

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