Get 80 Gajillity Hours of RPGs with Humble’s Latest Mobile Bundle

The Humble Bundle is the de facto backlog builder for PC and Android gamers. Most standard bundles will net you dozens of hours of playtime within amazing games across any number of genres. However, this week’s bundle is arguably one of the most time-intensive, hours-to-dollars tradeoffs we’ve seen yet. Humble has packed nine RPGs from KEMCO and HyperDevbox into a single collection, with some of these titles offering a minimum of ten hours’ playtime and most taking quite a bit longer to complete.

There’s a great mix of strategy RPGs and classic turn-based JRPGs represented, guaranteeing bundle buyers plenty of team-building, epic battles, and world exploration at any tier. A number of the games—noted by “Premium” in their Humble Bundle listing—have free demo versions available on the Google Play store, so you could try before you buy if you’re not sure these are your cup of RPG tea.

Pay $1 or more:

Pay more than the average:

Pay $5 or more:

An extra fun feature of this Humble Bundle is that they’re offering desktop wallpapers and soundtracks for Bonds of the Skies, Chronus Arc, Cross Hearts Arcadia, Crystareino, and Legna Tactica simply for submitting your email address on the Bundle page (the box is just below the list of games). You don’t have to buy anything at all to receive these extras; they’re bonus freebies for anyone interested.

Whether you want the games, soundtracks, or both, you’ll have just under two weeks to make your selection. The Humble Mobile KEMCO/HyperDevbox Bundle is available now and it will end July 24th at 2PM EST.

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