FREE GAMES ALERT: Marvel Pinball, Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Happy Guardians of the Galaxy Day, everybody! If you’re not able to make it to a screening of Marvel’s biggest summer blockbuster yet, fret not: a pair of superhero games have gone free this weekend.

If you act fast, you can grab Marvel Pinball (iOS, still full price on Android) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (iOS, Android) for free right now.

Rather get an authentic Guardians experience? The two week old Guardians of the Galaxy: The Ultimate Weapon (iOS, Android) has had it’s price slashed to $1.99 to celebrate the launch of the film.

Play some games, see the movie, and then go to your local comic shop and tell them you want every issue of the the current Guardians of the Galaxy run that you’ve missed. (I give you my word: it’s pure gold).

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