EaseUS Is a Data Recovery Tool with a Preview Tool, Tags, and More – Get It for 50% Off Here

By Glenn Wilson |

Entrusting your digital life to the smartphone in your pocket is a dangerous game. Sure, it’s convenient, but a single wayward tap or momentary fumble can make a thousand memories vanish in an instant. 

That’s why you need EaseUS in your life. Founded in 2004, this company is dedicated to recovering the precious bits and bytes that make up your life, and would otherwise be lost to the ether. 

EaseUS can recover over a thousand different file types, including DOCX, JPEG, AVI, ZIP, and MP4, and so on. Basically, every kind of file you can think of. Plus, it caters for more than a hundred different data loss scenarios on Windows and MacOS devices.

That includes the obvious culprits, of course, such as tapping Delete, as well as emptying your recycle bin. It also covers those situations where you agree to format a device before realising that format basically means “wipe”. 

Somehow, EaseUS knows how to get all that stuff back, and it can work its magic with damaged devices too, so a spilled glass of water needn’t mean the permanent destruction of your wedding album. 

Likewise, you’ve nothing to fear from file-infecting viruses and disastrous system crashes. EaseUS has your back. 

It’s got a number of neat features that you might not even notice, too, such as pausable export/import sessions so that you don’t have to wait hours or days for a large drive or SD card to be scanned. 

You can recover data during the scanning process, too, and cut down on scanning time by filtering for specific file types and using tags. Meanwhile, a clever preview feature lets you know virtually at a glance whether your files are recoverable, potentially saving you hours. 

EaseUS is comprehensive, light, and free to use for up to 2GB of data. Plus, you can get 50% off the full version right now on Windows and Mac.
Head to the official site to check out this incredible data recovery software free of charge.

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