Desert Golfing, Tiny Guardians in New Android Humble Bundle

The folks at Humble seemed to go into hibernation mode on their mobile bundles this summer, releasing things at a slower pace that we’d seen before. Now that school is back in session, they seem to be done slack. Hot on the heels of Humble Mobile Bundle 14 is Humble Mobile Bundle 15 — and it features a few big winners.

Pay what you want:

Beat the average:

  • Great Little War Game 2 (review)
  • Tiny Guardians (review)
  • Desert Golfing

The last two on this list are of particular note, but then again, so is Trouserheart. If you’re missing any of these from your collection, now is a great time to solve that. You can buy Humble Mobile Bundle 15 here.

BONUS TIP: If you’ve ever wanted to dabble in gamemaking, Humble has an insanely good weekly bundle that’s only available for two more days in which you can pick up GameMaker Studio Pro, a ton of source code, and the module needed to export the results to Android for pennies on the dollar.

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