Best Nintendo Switch Accessory Deals: Your Buyer’s Guide For Joy-Con Grips, Accessories, Controllers, Cases, and More

The Nintendo Switch is a masterpiece of modular design, letting you play a decent library of games either portably or on your massive TV. What could so easily have been a ludicrous gimmick really does work in the wild. But …

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The Nintendo Switch is a masterpiece of modular design, letting you play a decent library of games either portably or on your massive TV. What could so easily have been a ludicrous gimmick really does work in the wild.

But the incredible modularity of the Switch creates its own problems. Yes, it comes with controllers that can either be used separately or combined to form a single mega-controller – but neither option is great.

And yes, the Switch can be removed from its stand and carried around like a big handheld console – like a Switch Lite, in fact – but that just increases your odds of breaking or scratching it. Have you seen the state of your phone lately?

Fortunately, there’s a huge range of handy peripherals for the Switch – and most of them are pretty reasonably priced. Here are a few of our favorites.

Best Joy-Con Grips

The purpose of Joy-Con grips is just to give you something more comfortable to hold onto than the Joy-Cons themselves, which are hand-crampingly small and awkward. 

Our favorites in terms of price and quality are the Joy-Con grips from the AmazonBasics range. They work perfectly, come in a variety of colors, and their ABS construction makes them light and durable. The only annoyance is that you can only buy two of the same color at once, even though your Joy-Cons are two different colors.

Their price continually fluctuates between about £5 and £12, so you might want to wait for a downswing before buying them. But buy them you must.

Best Joy-Con Steering Wheel

Like the Joy-Con grips, the steering wheel is the simplest bit of engineering imaginable. All you need to do is push your Joy-Con into the device and – wallop – you’ve got yourself an accelerometer-powered steering wheel, with easily accessible shoulder buttons.

You can pick up the official Joy-Con accessory pair for £13.99 – that’s practically tooth fairy money. 

Best Joy-Con Charging Stand

It goes without saying that you’ll need an extra pair of Joy-Cons – that’s why we didn’t even put them on the list. Without four Joy-Cons you can’t get the most out of Mario Kart, Mario Party, Super Smash Bros, and so on. It’s a done deal.

But now you’ve got a problem: you can only charge two Joy-Cons at once using your Switch. What you need is a charging stand – more specifically, a Kingtop 4-in-1 charging stand. 

There are plenty of alternatives available, but we favor the Kingtop model for design and price. The footprint of the charging dock is tiny – just big enough to accommodate all four Joy-Cons – and it has neat LED columns that turn green or red depending on battery level.

You can pick one up for £11.99.

Best Controller: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller 

So far we’ve eschewed official Nintendo peripherals, but when it comes to a proper wireless controller – the alternative to the comfort grip – it’s worth paying for quality. 

The Pro Controller isn’t just the best Switch controller, but arguably the best controller full stop. Why? Let’s start with the battery life, which blows the 8-hour DualShock out of the water with an incredible 40-hour charge. 

Or there’s the pin-sharp D-pad, or the NFC functionality, or the USB-C reversible charging port. It’s comfortable, too – more like an Xbox 360 controller than a DualShock, and a million miles better than a comfort grip.

At the time of writing you can pick one up for – are you sitting down? – a mere £52.99.

Best Nintendo Switch Case

There are many, many possible cases for your Switch, all of them around the same price and all of them presumably as effective as each other. Needless to say, you want to go for something with a hard shell, and with pockets for your game carts, cables, and so on.

If you’re just looking for something to carry your Switch around in, we recommend the AmazonBasics travel and storage case, which has room for your Switch stand too. A steal at £16.99.

Best Nintendo Switch Play Stand

Your Switch comes with its own little flip-out stand, but it doesn’t feel like the most robust piece of engineering in the world. To give your portable console a bit more stability, we recommend the HORI Compact PlayStand.

It folds away into a discreet little parcel – almost certainly small enough to fit into your Switch case – and when it’s in use it has three angle settings and a sturdy design.

There are tons of play stands available, many of them cheaper than the HORI one. But it’s officially licensed by Nintendo, and it only costs £9.99. 

Best Nintendo Switch Trigger Grip

Another casualty of the Switch’s phenomenal versatility is the relative discomfort of playing a game in portable mode. There’s nothing substantial for your hand to grip, so you end up holding the device awkwardly to access the buttons. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it’s not ideal either.

Fortunately, the wonderful world of peripherals has a solution for this problem too. Go and grab yourself a grip case on Amazon – we recommend the Dockable Hand Trigger Grip Case from ButterFox. That’s the one Amazon recommends, and it costs a mere £14.99.

Rob Hearn has over ten years of experience in the mobile journalism - so is our in-house sage on all things mobile, naturally.