And Then …and then it rained Was Free from Starbucks

Starbucks likes to give away free apps. Some of these, like Threes, you have to go to actually go to a Starbucks to actually get. And who wants to go to an actual Starbucks? Some folks would just feel awkward walking in and taking a card, or just ordering a water to grab a free app card right by the register. Well, for you awkward folks out there, I have good news: Starbucks has another interesting game available for free in …and then it rained, and you don’t have to put on pants and deal with other people at Starbucks to get it.

All you need to do is to get the Starbucks app from iTunes – it’s not iPad-optimized but will work on there. Go into the messages section of the app and the first entry should be for the game. Just tap the download button and you’ll be taken to the App Store to redeem the code, simple as that.

And Then It Rained combined

…and then it rained is worth downloading because it’s got a beautiful minimalist art style, a great soundtrack, and a welcome level-based structure, when so many minimalist games are set upon being high score quests. For free, it’s hard to turn down, and without having to leave the house? That’s even better!

Download the Starbucks app to get your free copy.

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