All tinybuild Games Are Less Than a Buck Until July 5

Why pick and choose titles to put on sale when you can make things easier on yourself and your fans by just putting everything on sale? “Why indeed,” is something we imagine tinybuild said internally at one point prior to doing the logical thing and making all of its mobile games available for just 99 cents through July 5.

Yes, we really mean all of the publisher’s mobile games. That includes hits like Party Hard Go, Punch Club (a personal favorite) and Divide By Sheep. Android, iOS, it matters not.

Oh, and apparently you might be able to save a cat if you buy one or more of these discounted games as well, though the video below doesn’t make it clear how that works.

For those of you who dislike IAPs (and we know there’s a fair number of you out there), the tinybuild games are worth your attention since they’re pretty much all pay one price to play. And it’s hard to beat 99 cents as said price.

Plus you can sink some serious time into them this weekend if you’re an American and your employer has done the right thing and given you a four-day weekend. Just remember to hit your app store of choice by July 5, because after that, full price it is.

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