This PokeBattery Will Prolong Your Pokemon GO Playtime in Style

Pokemon GO fever is the biggest thing to hit America since those Cabbage Patch Kids ate a Tamagotchi — but that doesn’t mean you get to play it all the time. Pokemon GO is a notorious drain on your phone’s battery; so much so that it’s actually having a direct impact external battery sales.

If you haven’t bought a portable battery just yet, don’t worry — your wait has been rewarded.


Over on Etsy, user magicalsuperstore is selling an external battery in the shape of a Pokeball. This Pokebattery fits in the palm of your hand, and can be easily attached to a belt loop or backpack via a keychain clasp. The battery itself is 5300mAh and 2.1 amps, which the product description promises “can fully charge and revive your phone 2-3 times.” As tempting as it might be though, you won’t want to throw it: this Pokeball is made of plastic and “should not be dropped or thrown” according to its creator.

If you’re as tempted as we are to pick this up, you should probably act fast. This isn’t an officially licensed product, and considering how cool it is, you’ve got to think it’s only a matter of time before The Pokemon Company’s legal team wants to catch’em all.

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