Inkle Is Now Selling 80 Days, Sorcery! Posters (and They’re Gorgeous)

If there are any games on the touchscreen platforms that don’t rely on showing off great graphics, it’s got to be gamebooks apps. Interactive fiction can exist perfectly well without a single image, and yet Inkle’s offerings consistently look amazing.

Sorcery-MapI think that’s one of the (many) reasons that games like 80 Days and Sorcery! exhibit lashings of digital quality. They don’t need good graphics, this is true, but they have them anyway. A beautiful coat of digital paint improves any experience, as these gamebooks aptly demonstrate.

And the good news is you can now begin decorating your walls with their eye catching beauty, as well as your home screen. Developer Inkle has launched its own merchandise store courtesy of Cafepress, and is rolling out the collectibles wagon with a variety of different products enriched with the wonderful stylings of 80 Days and Sorcery!.

80_days_poster_design[1]Currently you can pick up detailed, Tolkienian maps featuring the Shamutanti Hills of Sorcery!, and Skunkbear and Sightmaster mugs. The 80 Days section has an art poster that also has an accompanying mug, featuring a classic profile of Fanchon Dubois and Passepartout.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our reviews of 80 Days, and Sorcery! Part 1 and Part 2, if you still need any convincing to go and play the games/read the books, and then you’ll be whipped up into a prerequisite frenzy to begin collecting the merch!

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