Diamond Digger Saga Now Has An Adorable TV Ad

Mobile games advertising on primetime television still isn’t as common as I’d have expected by late 2014, but I still can’t help but smile whenever I see a Clash of Clans ad pop up in-between instructions it by Eggo Waffles and Ford Fiestas.

King is jumping into the game too, with a new ad for Diamond Digger Saga that seems to put a Claymation-inspired spin on things.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a TV spot from King – they had some neat ones in Asian markets for Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga a while back – but it’s certainly the first we’ve seen for Diamond Digger Saga.

The game has held a spot in the App Store’s Top 100 since debuting in early September, and with new devices and Christmas shopping just around the corner, a TV campaign might help them maintain (and, as I’m sure they’re hoping, grow) that success.

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