Numeon mixes ideas from a bunch of other puzzle games and in the process creates something pretty darn interesting. It’s slow-paced, well thought out, and there’s enough head-scratching here to keep you entertained for hours. 

The game sees you sliding squares around. You need to move them to similarly colored circles to clear them. But there’s a twist. Those circles have numbers on them, and the corresponding digit on the squares goes up every time you swipe to move them. 

Not only do you have to get the square to the correct space, you have to get it there in the correct number of moves as well. That’s pretty easy to start off with, but soon the grids you play on are filling up with squares and circles, and it’s going to take you a while to work out what needs to go where, and when. 

There’s no timer pressure here, nothing to keep you from focusing on the shapes and how you can get rid of them. Restarts require a single tap, and every level has its own perfect little “eureka” moment when the moves fall into place. 

And there are a lot of levels. The free version gives you 200 across two different sized grids. An IAP of 99c unlocks another 200, featuring different kinds of tiles that teleport, multiply and more. 

This is a game that wants you to keep playing, that wants you to keep thinking. It’s always the right kind of challenging and it never tries to trick or flummox you. Numeon is a puzzler that’s well worth spending a lot of time with. 

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