Clash of Beasts is a mobile strategy game, but it’s not necessarily like the mobile strategy games you’ve played before. 

For one thing, it sees you commanding huge beasts rather than armies or warriors. For another, it consists of both tower defense and conventional strategy game elements, along with a range of multiplayer components. 

That’s a lot of ground to cover, and it will take you time to truly find your feet in the expansive, turbulent world of Veren. This beginner’s guide should set you off down the right path. So let’s jump in! 


The core game loop in Clash of Beasts is a familiar one. You start by collecting beasts and upgrading your defenses. Then you head into battle, of which there are several kinds. PvP battles include Clan War and Kingdom War, and there are PvE encounters too. 

Once you’ve completed a battle, you’ll collect Soul Shards, XP, Healing Potions, Gold, Essence, and all sorts of other items and currencies. You use these to summon new beasts, upgrade your defenses, and so on.

And thus the cycle continues. 

Battles in Clash of Beasts are unusually interactive for a mobile strategy game. While your beast automatically advances through the stronghold you’re attacking, you can control its weapon (e.g. an endless jet of fire) by moving your finger around the screen. 

The aim is to hold your finger over your opponent’s towers to destroy them before they can destroy you. As well as your primary weapon you’ve got skills to deploy, with a variety of attacking and protective effects. 

Once you’ve destroyed 70% of your opponent’s base, the battle is over. If your beast falls during battle, you can draft another one in to continue the attack. 

To obtain new beasts you need to forge Soulstones from Soul Shards, with some beasts requiring more Soulstones than others. Whenever you forge a Soulstone for a beast you already own, it gets converted into Soul Dust. 

You can also forge – or breed – beasts to create new ones. For example, merging Shadescale with Talvara forges Brightwing, Shalegrasp, and Iridoz. Once you’ve got a beast, you can add it to your roster. 

Beasts are living creatures, of course, so you need to nurture them with XP to unlock new skills. Plus, you need to heal them after battle, or they’ll become less effective. 

Classes and Affinities

There are four different classes in Clash of Beasts, and five color-coded affinities. These apply to both beasts and towers. 

The key to success is to exploit the synergies that arise from using particular classes and affinities in conjunction with each other, and to avoid the penalties that arise from using the wrong affinities. 

For example, you should never attack an island with the same affinity as the beast you’re using to attack it. If you do, your beast will have reduced attack power, and its mana won’t recharge. 

Fortunately, you can check an island’s affinity on the enemy selection screen before attacking it


The four types of tower you have at your disposal are Tank, Heal, God, and Damage. There are twelve towers to choose from, all with their own unique effects, such as Stun, Cure, Freeze, and so on. 

Since beasts are ineffective against targets that share their affinity, you should ensure you have different affinities at each stage of your defensive chain. 

In addition, if you have three or more towers with the same alignment their health and attack powers will be increased, their god tower effects will be amplified, and they’ll apply an infinity curse to beasts of the same affinity. 

While you’re not out raiding other players’ bases you’ll need to repair and upgrade buildings at your stronghold to access new game features like Tower Plate, Workshop, Reward Collection, and so on. 

To maintain a strong base you must develop your defenses, keep the resources flowing in, and erect new buildings.


Clash of Beasts is all about the multiplayer, so naturally you can join a guild to unlock extra PvP gameplay, access the Loan Beast feature, and chat with your clanmates about strategies and life in general. 

There’s also a Clan War feature, which allows you to order members to join attacks for the greater good of the clan. The more players join in, the more Soul Shards you can earn, meaning it’s well worth taking an active approach. 

And don’t worry – you can promote clan members to help you out when you’re busy IRL!

Try these tips out for yourself by downloading Clash of Beasts via Google Play or the App Store now. By downloading the game before the 24th of January 2022 you’ll get an exclusive avatar and 150 soul shards for free as well. Now that’s a hot tip.

For more background information on the game you can also head on over to the Clash of Beasts official site as well as its Discord, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch accounts.