They’re the words that every parent longs to here – “My, what a bizarrely muscular child you have.” Muscle Boy understands that, and it understands how disappointed you are in your real, non-muscular children. Which is why it lets you tap the screen and create hench toddlers. 

The game is all about stopping a moving bar in the right place, lifting some weights and then repeating the process. There’s some extra depth here that you might need help with, though, which is why we’ve written this strategy guide. 

Whether you’re about to do your first squat or you’ve already considered juvenile juicing, follow the suggestions here and your child will be freakishly stacked in no time flat. These are the best hints, tips and cheats for Muscle Boy. 

Blue is best

Muscle Boy bucks the usual trend of casual mobile games by having the blue part of the bar give you the best rewards. Green is still good, though, and you should avoid stopping the bar in the red section at all costs. Blue and green increase your XP, red does nothing. 

Don’t push your luck

With that in mind, you should always play a little bit cautiously. Sure, the blue chunk will get you the most XP, but it’s usually very small and if you miss and hit the red you’ll get nothing. Your best bet is to try and hit the blue when it’s surrounded by green, so you’ll get some XP no matter what. 

Mash the screen to throw

In the sections when you’re tossing a man into the air, mash the screen as much as you can to throw him as high as possible. The higher he goes, the more coins you’ll get, although there seems to be an upper limit to your hurling. 

Upgrade when you can

You should spend your coins on upgrading your equipment. That’ll get you more XP when you’re training and help you become a muscle bound toddler much quicker. The upgrade options are at the bottom of the screen when you’re starting a level. If you feel you’re progressing too slowly you can watch a video. 

Increase your coins?

The game offers you the chance to increase your coin haul when you’re done throwing the man in the air. It’s a matter of personal choice but we’d suggest not bothering. You’ll earn enough through play to keep your gear upgraded and there isn’t anything else to spend the coins on. 

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