A few weeks ago Game Hollywood, publisher of hit MMOs like Dragon Awaken, Eternal Fury, and The Third Age, announced that it’s launching a new platform.

Called Game Hollywood Games, the platform allows players to enjoy the publisher’s entire library through a single login. Not only that, but it provides information, updates, and guides on these games, ensuring that you’ll be able to find new ones and get the most out of the ones you’re already playing. 

There was a massive giveaway to celebrate the launch of Game Hollywood Games. And now there’s another one, to celebrate the festive season. For a limited time you can grab yourself free codes for almost every game in the publisher’s library. 

So what does that library look like? Game Hollywood has traditionally focused on the MMO market, with global megahit Dragon Awaken among its biggest draws. 

Just a couple of weeks ago Game Hollywood Games added two new games to its library too: MiliGirls Fantasy and Scarlet Fate. 

MiliGirls Fantasy is an idle gacha shooter starring cute waifu warriors. Scarlet Fate is an idle gacha RPG, this time with an emphasis on building relationships with the characters you summon into your company. 

They’re both great, and other titles on the platform include Firestone, Darkmoon Realm, Survivor Legacy, Knights of Fantasy 2, and Omega Zodiac. They cover a range of styles and genres, from adventure to strategy to RPG, but they all share the same high standard of presentation and fun. 

It’s worth noting that Knights of Fantasy 2 is the sequel to the authentic series of the famous Facebook instant game Tap Tap Fantasy too – aka Knights of Fantasy.

There are RPGs, browser games, mobile games, and more in the collection, as well as a growing number of casual titles with RPG elements. 

You can read all about them on the new Game Hollywood Games platform, and try them out for free thanks to Game Hollywood’s generous Xmas offers – more details on these are below:

1) Special Recruitment offer starts on December 25th 5am (UTC-8) and runs to January 1st 5am (UTC-8) where Aircraft SSR miligirl will be added to the limited time summon. M4·Sherman will be removed though

2) Xmas carnival offer starts on December 25th 5am (UTC-8) and runs to December 31st 5am (UTC-8). This will include daily contests, discount packs, daily missions, and recharge rewards

Head to the Game Hollywood Games site right now to begin the festivities.