Pastimes come and go, but the humble jigsaw will be around forever. Nothing else scratches that lazy Sunday afternoon itch. 

Things have moved on since the days of bent cardboard and lost pieces, however. I’m A Puzzle, from Unwind Media, is every jigsaw puzzle you’ll ever need, preserved in flawless digital condition for eternity. 

For a start, there are the included puzzles – thousands of them, arranged into categories like Holidays, Animals, and Places, and then further organized into subcategories like, for example, Christmas, Cats, and Brazil. 

As if that weren’t enough, there’s an Other section, for everything else in the multiverse. 

Plus, the supply of puzzles on I’m A Puzzle truly is infinite, since you can upload your own images and then share them in the usual ways or embed them in an email to send to friends and your fellow dissectologists (look it up).

Of course, the beauty of modern technology is that you’re not confined to completing each jigsaw only one way. There are five different difficulty levels for every puzzle in the library, translating to five different numbers of pieces to assemble, and there are tons of different styles too. 

These include fairly conventional puzzles in which some of the pieces are in specific themed shapes, such as witches and bats in the Halloween mode, fragments of star in the Stars mode, and spiky balls of illness in the Covid mode. 

Also included among the styles are Honeycomb and Pines, which carve the images up into hexagons and pine trees respectively, and Mystery (our favorite), which only lets you see a circle of the puzzle at a time. 

There are various hints, too, allowing you to see the image you’re trying to construct, hide all of the pieces except edges and corners, and even solve the puzzle entirely. Unwind Media has thought of everything. 

To start playing, all you need to do is visit the I’m A Puzzle website. There’s a mobile version in the works too, so you’ll soon be able to perform dissectology (you looked it up, right?) on your Android or iOS device.