Have you noticed that video game credit sequences are getting longer?

The more sophisticated games get, the more people are required to put them together, from coders to writers to actors. And nobody has a bigger part to play in this vast enterprise than the 3D artist. 

This is the person who takes the concept artist’s ideas and brings them to life, creating the characters and worlds that fill our screens. 

Star Wars: Knights of the Eternal Throne, one of

Whether you’re playing Borderlands 3 or Farming Simulator, the world you’re spending time in is the product of the 3D artist’s imagination. 

And if you’re playing either of those games, as well as countless others, you’re getting a glimpse into the imagination of Glenn de Leon Garza.

Born in Mexico, de Leon Garza had a narrow path to success. Two years after graduating high school, he enrolled in a Digital Major Art Program in the city of Monterrey, but to his disappointment the course had more to do with IT and coding than art. 

In the end, this unwelcome technological emphasis proved to be the making of the young man, and his future in the game industry was later cemented when he accepted an internship with a local outsourcing company that specialised in game art. 

One of de Leon Garza’s first projects was Galaxy on Fire, the hugely ambitious space trading game for mobile. He credits this title, and the team he worked with, for helping him to level up his skills and learn how to work effectively. 

It paid off, enabling de Leon Garza to progress to projects like Heroes of Dragon Age, The Sims, Star Wars: Knights of the Eternal Throne, and many other AAA games. You can find some sterling examples of his work above and below this very text in fact.

So what advice does de Leon Garza have for any artists considering a career in video games? Number one, keep yourself inspired with books, games, and travel. Two, be ready to work hard. Three, build a portfolio around the specific skills you’ve acquired. And four, enjoy the ride!

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