Fashion Battle – Dress to Win is a game about picking the right outfit for the right situation. And hoping that your opponent makes a mistake while trying to do the same thing. It’s simple fun, but it’s not without its challenges. 

And that’s where this guide comes in. It’s made up of all the finest strategies that we’ve discovered during our time playing Fashion Battle, and now we’re only too happy to pass that accumulated knowledge on to you. We’re good like that. 

Whether you’re just pulling on your first strappy dress or you’ve already butt-bumped several of your rivals off the catwalk, you’re going to find something to help you out here. These are the best hints, tips and cheats for Fashion Battle – Dress to Win. 

Pick the right pieces

It’s important to make sure the clothes you’re putting on are the best reflections of the theme of that particular level. Don’t put on a ball gown if you’re going to the beach, for example. Make sure you know what you’re dressing for and you should do fine. 

Use the time

If you’re not sure which piece is the best pick, use the time at the dressing station to try them all on and see which one looks best. You’ll start to get a better feel for this as you play, and for the most part you just need to use your common sense. 

Upgrade whenever you can

You should spend your gems on upgrading your likes and rewards. You can do this at the start of every level. The more likes you get, the quicker you’re going to unlock new settings. Upgrade evenly, but don’t worry about watching videos to increase your stats. 

Play the events

The events are mainly just meta experiences that see you working towards a goal through your actions on the cat walk. But they add a bit of spice to proceedings and they’ll keep you on your toes, so they’re worth engaging with in that respect. 

Don’t rematch

If you lose a game, you’re given the option to watch a video for a rematch. It’s not really worth your while. Instead just move on to the next challenge where you’ll get similar rewards and you won’t have to watch a long advert to actually get there. 

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